William Adams

William is a theatre manager and activist interested in production management. He is graduating with a BA in theatre in May of 2021 after three years of enrollment.

During his time at Fordham, William was active as a manager, technician, and community leader. William was one of Forham's first student production managers in the studio. As a sophomore, he helped pioneer the position. He charted new waters again during Fall 2020 when he helped create Fordham's first fully virtual studio season by updating reimbursement practices and coordinating the creation and distribution of film kits. As a work-study student, he has guided his peers through main stage load-ins and strikes for the scene shop since Spring 2019. William's most ambitious project was the co-founding of Fordham's BIPOC Alliance, which drafted demands for our theatre program's betterment and passed them on to the faculty at the start of Fall 2020. As a result of these demands and many subsequent meetings, the Fordham theatre Faculty have provided the entire program with equity, diversity, and inclusion training through ArtEquity, restructured their faculty meetings to center social justice issues within the program, and initiated a full curricular review led be the BIPOC faculty.

As his final semester comes to a close, William is working with the BIPOC Alliance on the second iteration of their demands and helping the spring studio shows wrap production smoothly.

Contact me at myfullnameiswilliam@gmail.com

Educational Credits

Production Management Fall 2020


Written By: Brian Parks

Directed by: Leo Lion

Stage Manager: Kathleen Curran

Scenic Designer: Amelia Way

Costume Designer: Julia Walker

Director of Cinematography: Vittoria Orlando

Sound Designer: Jason Keese

Dramaturgy: Haley Crawford

Editor: Solly Margo

Production Manager: William Adams


Written and Directed By: Lee Melillo

Stage Manager: Olive Fox

Production Designer & Head of Photography: Manon McCollum

Production Manager: William Adams


Written & Directed by: Claire Talbott

Executive Producers: Casey Powers, Scott Yezzi

Lighting Designer: Will Rossiter

Sound Designer: Lexi Spera

Co-Directors of Photography: Liam Kenny, Dakota Vooys

Props Lead: Peter Chan

Production Manager: William Adams

Production Management Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

Cloud Tectonics

by Jose Rivera

Directed by Sofia Ubilla

Production Stage Management: Lillian Rider

Stage Management: Kathleen Curran

Set Design: Mellie Way

Costume Design: Alyssa Rosenberg

Lighting Design: Alex Alipio

Sound Design: Lexi Spera

Props Management: Kiernan Westrick

Fight Choreographer: Narushi Fukuda

Production Manager: William Adams

Anne of the Thousand Days

By Maxwell Anderson

Directed by Ashlyn Frank

Production Stage Manager: Max Breit

Stage Manager: Kayla Otero

Movement Direction: Natalia Lee

Scenic Design: Helen Hylton

Costume Design: Amanda Lionetti

Lighting Design: Matthew Gregg

Sound Design: Siddharth Raj

Production Manager: William Adams

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged

Directed by Nicole Borbone

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield

Production Stage Manager: Casey Powers

Costume Design: Amanda Lionetti

Lighting Design: Matthew Gregg

Props Design: Addison Thompson

Technical Director: Yashanikquia Delaney

Production Manager: William Adams

Scenic Design Fall 2019 & Spring 2020

Small Mouth Sounds

By Bess Wohl

Directed by Isabel Edwards

Production Stage Manager: Sydnee Drake Peterson

Scenic Design: William G. Adams

Costume Design: Amanda Lionetti

Lighting Design: Alex Alipio

Sound Design: Joe DiBernardo

Props Design: Claire Kramer

Production Manager: Max Breit

Up, Up, and Away

Book and Lyrics by Kiernan Westrick

Music by Angie Kawanishi

Directed by Adrian Alexander Alea

Choreographed by Narushi Fukuda

Production Stage Manager: Shannah Harris

Set Design: William Adams

Costume Design: Alyssa Rosenberg

Lighting Design: Jayla Pollock

Sound Design: Amelia Way

Props Master: Lillian Rider

Production Manager: Max Breit

God of Carnage

By Yasmina Reza

Directed by Isabel Edwards

Production Stage Manager: Lillian Anne Rider

Scenic Design: Will Adams

Costume Design: Addison Thompson

Lighting Design: Alex Alipio

Sound Design: Joe DiBernardo

Prop Designer: Vivian Brown

Production Manager: Emma McSharry

Contact me at myfullnameiswilliam@gmail.com